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Isla Revelles 

Welcome to Isla Revelles – a previously uncharted island which even the locals won’t

go near, rich with clean energy resources ready for distribution. Ferrox Industries recently sent a specialist mining team to the island to start testing and transporting these resources, but after building the mining base, the entire team mysteriously disappeared.

As part of Ferrox Industries investigation crew, you have been tasked by CEO Luke Ferrox himself to go to Isla Revelles, re-establish communications to the island and find out what happened to the mining team.

But be warned, a storm front is closing in on Isla Revelles, and in 60 minutes you will be trapped on the island – along with whatever else might be there too…

Time : 60 minutes                         Difficulty Level : 84/100

Players : 4 to 8                                 Success Rate : 32%

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