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YOU are locked in a strange room with your companions. You might find yourself in a Prison Cell in the notorious Alcatraz, with no means of escape, or locked in your cabin as the Titanic sinks,

Based on the Japanese online game 'Takagism', Houdini’s Escape Room Experience is a real-life escape room game which requires players to work together to find clues, solve hidden puzzles and decipher codes to escape a locked themed room, before the 1-hour timer runs out.

This exciting new concept brings the popular online game into real life and gives players the opportunity to use their intuition, teamwork skills and intelligence to accomplish a unique and challenging task. The game is incredibly popular in Asia, the US and several European countries. Hundreds of thousands of people have played worldwide and 99% say they would visit again.

Houdini's have escape rooms in various locations actions the UK as well as online games, including Southampton, Birmingham Starcity, Cheshire Oaks and Kegworth.  Click on locations about to see games available at each site